‘Touching, wounding and humbling.’ – Simon Armitage

‘Adept in the use of metaphor (they) portray the peculiar dance of independent daughters trying to guide their mothers towards more truthful communication… Recommended’ – Diva Magazine

‘Wonderful voices, fabulous women.’ – Staple Magazine

‘Beautiful writing. A lovely mix of poignant and funny material, it will touch so many chords with so many mothers and daughters.’ – Polly Thomas

‘An anthology that transcends its genre, the language often dragging the reader into unexpected corners of unknown rooms. Some Girls’ Mothers presents a challenging and rewarding read, and should not be dismissed as a ‘female read’. The stories are real and complex, operating under the radar of gender politics. It caused me to ponder male relationships with their fathers, and any child’s experience with their opposite-sex parent, and what it is exactly that creates and constitutes those relationships. These aren’t cosy ‘mummy and me’ stories, nor the railings of rebellious teenagers. In places, there are fleeting explosions that mothers had wholly different lives before their children were born, that there were other people, other relationships, and, shockingly, secrets and rebellions of their own.’ – Radcliff Gregory, Chroma

‘Moving, funny, thought provoking, and that was just the audience.  Such a buzz, hope the book is a great success.’ – Audience Member, Chesterfield