A Rolling Stone Book of the Year
A MOJO Book of the Year

‘The world’s premier Dylan expert offers a deep-dive defense of his subject’s much maligned “gospel” period, from 1979 to 1981. Heylin goes concert by concert and session by session, adding clarity to a murky era and convincingly arguing that Dylan’s late Seventies are nearly as important as his mid-Sixties. A great piece of rock revisionism.’ – Rolling Stone

‘Heylin tackles Dylan’s evangelical spasm not with horror but something like glee, pointing up the musical fecundity of the period, measuring lazy assumptions against a rigorous chronology, yet retaining a mischievous ear for scuttlebutt.’ – Mojo

‘A vivid account of what Dylan was going through.’ – The Arts Desk

‘For flourish, facts and transcriptions of Dylan’s religious speeches from his stages, and a fine complement to the just released recordings of Dylan’s official bootleg series, Heylin’s your man.’ – Spectator

‘Fantastically informative, detailed and readable book.’ – International Times

‘A lively day-by-day account of a period that at least matches Dylan’s ’65-’66 era for drama and bloody-minded intransigence on both sides… As he burrows deep into the archives, Heylin paints the portrait of a man undergoing a profound personal crisis, compelling him into a blistering fever of creativity – and not for the first time, moving so fast that he left much of value behind.’ – Uncut

‘Highly illuminating.’ – New Statesman

‘It’s a fantastic book. If you are a geek and you’re into all the detail, there’s everything in here. Also, in my experience quite unique, you get the big picture, you get a flavour of what those years were like and what was going on.’ – Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds

‘An incredible background to Dylan, and provides a new perspective on the singer. Bob Dylan’s been featured heavily in the news this past year, and we can’t think of a better way to end the year than with this.’ – Booktrib

‘By far the most measured and thoughtful consideration of the material Dylan recorded and performed in his Christian period. Heylin lays out the evidence and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions.’ – On Books On Music

‘Stocked with helpful quotations and original research, Trouble in Mind is a tremendously valuable — and readable — guide to one of the most perpetually confounding periods of Dylan’s career.’ – The Current

‘Clinton Heylin’s Trouble in Mind documents the tours and recording sessions with an obsessive detail that, at the very least, encourages the reader to come reappraise the most divisive years among Dylan’s fans. His forensic investigation of what it was all for and what it meant to his to fans is extremely fascinating.’ – Sunderland Echo

‘Truly exceptional publication.’ – David Marx Book Reviews