SuhalinLet’s end on a cheerful note. A week after I wrote about the tourist infrastructure in Silwan (see above), the Israeli High Court ruled in favour of an action brought by local residents to freeze this illegal construction. That seems good. A lawyer friend says, however, that Elad will now apply for permission, get it, and say claims against illegal Palestinian building are even-handed. I, perhaps naively, want to believe justice may be being done.

And even more cheerfully. Our work constantly brings us into contact with the marginal and the oppressed. But among them is such resilience and power. Mr Hannoun’s niece Suhalin just got the second highest mark in her year in her university psychology exams. She says, ‘OK, they have taken my home, and I’m studying in the street, but I will show the Israelis they can’t break us, that I am stronger than them.’ A very humbling young lady.

Remember to come and visit me and see for yourself, there’s still time. Also, spread the word, public opinion is changing, and possibly governments’ political will may follow.

Love to all, Ann
As Ed Gaffney taught me ‘service is the price we pay for living’

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