Daithidh: Is there such a thing as typical Zdravka Evtimova short story?

Zdravka: I make efforts to write short stories of a different atmosphere and different feel, so I do not think there is a typical short story I could call my type. I hope  I can defend  ‘the little man’s’ rights to justice with my short stories, however I cannot say if I have succeeded in that.  I hope I could work a distinctive style of fiction with time, but I feel it is not an easy task.

Working habits: your stories come across as being very polished and crafted, do you endlessly revise and edit your work or are you very much a first draft, first inspiration is the right or only version for you?

I value the first draft, the draft of the heart and inspiration, I always keep it and almost never offer it to editors. Whatever I write, after the moment it is ready, I  stick it into the ‘quarantine drawer’ of my desk and I keep it there for at least  2 months. During that time I translate intensely something very different from the thing I expect I have written. It is a good way to forget the exact words you have used. Then I read the piece again and again and I try to improve it – I may spoil it, but I enjoy revising the draft of the heart. Thus, I can feel the heart best.

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