• Even The Rain

Official tie-in book of the major motion picture from Paul Laverty and Icíar Bollaín

Costa and Sebastián arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia, to shoot a period film about Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. Sebastián, the director, wants to upturn the entire conservative myth of Western Civilisation’s arrival in the Americas as a force for good. His story is about what Columbus set in motion; the obsession with gold, the hunt for slaves by Spanish mastiffs, and punitive violence to those Indians who fought back. Costa, the producer, doesn’t care what happened yesterday never mind five centuries ago, he just wants to get the job done on time and within budget. The battle to get their film made intertwines with the fight of their Bolivian crew members, deprived of their most basic rights, prohibited from collecting even the rain.

As Sebastián and Costa struggle with their film, the violence in the community in which they shoot increases by the day until the entire city explodes into the now infamous Bolivian Water War of April 2000. Five hundred years after Columbus, sticks and stones confront the steel and gunpowder of a modern army. David against Goliath once again. Only this time they fight not about gold, but the simplest of life-giving elements: water.

Features full screenplay with extra scenes and introductions from Paul Laverty and Icíar Bollaín.
Winner, Audience Award, Berlin Film Festival 2011
Bridging Borders Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival
Four Progressive Film Awards
Thirteen Goya Award Nominations
Spain’s Official Entry for the 2011 Academy Awards


Also available in Kindle edition

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Even The Rain

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