The Plebs' League

Michael Nath reads from his novel British Story. Arthur Mountain speaks of The Plebs' League.

La Rochelle - A Novel

Trailer for Michael Nath's novel La Rochelle.

The Origins of Magic Realism - Ramón Chao

Ramón Chao positions the origins of magic realism in his native Galicia, Spain.


M Y Alam talks about his novel Red Laal and the themes therein with Nick Ahad at Ilkley Literature Festival.

It's The Beer Talking Trailer

Trailer for Ian Clayton's book It's The Beer Talking: Adventures in Public Houses.

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor

Ian Clayton reads a bawdy tale of a day out at Nellie's in Beverley with his friend Arnold 'Sooner' Millard, a rogue.

Song For My Father Launch

Launch event for Ian Clayton's memoir Song For My Father.

James Corrigan | King of Clubs

Tributes from the stars to James Corrigan and Batley Variety Club.

Anne & Betty Trailer

Trailer for Anne & Betty: United By The Struggle.

Michelle Scally Clarke | Ghetto Girl

'Ghetto Girl' by Michelle Scally Clarke. Taken from her CD I Am

Ian Clayton and Friends - Jimmy Reed Medley

Ian Clayton and Friends perform a medley of Jimmy Reed songs on the occasion of Ian's fiftieth birthday party.

The Old Oak Cannes Press Conference

The Old Oak Cannes Press Conference

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