Plainsong | House Un-American Blues Activity Dream

01 February, 2023

Iain Matthews and Andy Roberts performing Richard Fariña’s ‘House Un-American Blues Activity Dream’ at The CAT Club, Pontefract, 11th December 2022. The concert was part of a 50th anniversary celebration of the original Plainsong incarnation. ‘House Un-American Blues Activity Dream’ is on the Folk Fairport live concert CD that comes with the Deluxe Edition of In Search of Plainsong.

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In Search of Plainsong

In Search of Plainsong

Ian Clayton

A story from the golden era of English folk-rock. Up until now, the story of Plainsong has been shrouded in myth and misinformation. In Search of Plainsong tells the true story of the group and their classic album for the first time.

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