What's She Like Features

01 January, 2023

What's She Like Features

A series of external features to accompany the reading of Helen O'Hara's memoir, with music, videos and interviews.



MUSIC: What's She Like Spotify Playlist

Helen has pulled together a playlist from the music referenced in the book, surprising herself with how much there was in there. Very useful to have handy while you're reading the book.


VIDEO: What's She Like YouTube Playlist

A YouTube playlist containing a selection of videos referenced in the book.


LISTEN:The Pete Paphides Soho Radio Show

Helen speaks with Pete Paphides on his Soho Radio show. It's a lovely conversation. Helen's interview starts at 1:01:26 and runs for 56 minutes.

INTERVIEW: First, Last, Anything

Comprehensive written interview with Helen by Justin Lewis for his interview series First, Last, Anything.


LISTEN: The Giddy Carousel of Pop

Helen is a guest on The Giddy Carousel of Pop podcast, which goes through an episode of Smash Hits from cover to cover. In this episode Helen looks at an issue from December 1982 which had Dexys on the cover.


FEATURE: Confessions of an accidental Irishwoman

A feature and interview by Teddy Jamieson in The Herald, Scotland's daily newspaper.


LISTEN: Revenge of the 80s Radio

Helen talks with Chris Cordani on the next Revenge of the 80s Radio. This podcast was recorded while Helen was writing her book.


FEATURE: My Life Has Been pretty Chaotic

Helen interviewed by Andy Murray for Northern Soul magazine.





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