A Route History

A Route History

  • 22 September, 2022
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A full history of Route's activity 2000-2022 to follow.

Here are some vintage Route publications not currently featured on this website

The Route Book At Bedtime,  Born In The 1980s,  Right Up Your Street,  Everything Now,  All Embracing,  In Praise Of Reading And Fiction, Nightingales Playground,  Nature’s Magician,  Annie Potts Is Dead, Some Girls Mothers, Spellbound, Bonne Route, Ideas Above Our Station, In The Light Of This, Wonderwall, Naked City, Light Transports, Four Fathers, In The Forest Of Paradoxes, Wisdom Of Our Own, Stories From A World Of Music, The Invisible Village, Every Word Knows Something Of A Vicious Circle Free Ebook, Who’s The Daddy Free E Book, One Northern Soul, Crazy Horse, Made In Bradford, Route Offline, Warehouse, The Blackstuff, Next Stop Hope, Art Truth And Politics The Nobel Lecture, Words And Music At The Red Shed, Like A Dog To Its Vomit, Very Acme, The Righteous Brother, Apocalypse Not Just Now, Adult Entertainment, Moveable Type, Half A Pint Of Tristram Shandy, She Is, Route Compendium, On Not Winning The Nobel Prize, My Fathers Suitcase, Foreword, Tubthumping, Right Up Your Street, Wordworms, A Just And Lasting Peace.

Here are some authors from the Route vintage years:

Steve Mckevitt, Mark Gwynne Jones, James Bones, Mario Vargas Llosa, Mike Phipps, Mark Townsend, Haifa Zangana, Herta Muller, Katherine Reed, Louis Malloy, Jo Cannon, Dave Pescod, Pippa Griffin, Sophie Hannah, Susan Everett, Lou Perez, Ray French, John Siddique,james Nash, Tom Palmer, Barack Obama, Chris Hill, Cally Taylor, River Wolton,clare Shaw, Char March, Nell Farrell, Anne Caldwell, Suzanne Batty, Chris Killen, Sam Duda,katharine Coldiron, Christine Cooper, Sally Jenkinson, Alex Wire, Dean Smith, Carla Gericke, Charlie Cottrell, Alexis Clements, Harold Pinter, Orhan Pamuk, Doris Lessing, Chloe Poems, Daithidh Maceochaidh, Julie Mellor, Yolande Knight, Steve Dearden, Patricia Duncker, Mark Mcwatt, Aritha Van Herk, Storm Jameson, Jack Mapanje, Alecia Mckenzie,sumeia Ali, Kath Mckay, Mandy Sutter, Ellen Osborne, Tom Spanbauer, Winifred Holtby, Chenjerai Hove, Steven Hall, Gareth Storey, Chelsey Flood, Catherine Browne, Jean Marie Gustave Le Clezio, Margaret Rose Handforth, Celeste Robichaud, Mark Czanik, Tim Sanders, Kate Massey, Jackie Hagan, Carolyn Lewis, Lee Harrison, Mark Costello, Alexandra Fox, Kathleen Jones, Benjamin Mellor, Peter Harty, Guy Ware, Wayne Price, Joby Williams, Adam Byfield, Penny Aldred, Penny Feeny, Dominic Berry, James Lawless, Juliet Trewellard,jane Rusbridge, Andrew Oldham, Jennifer Moore, Adrian Reynolds, Paula Rawsthorne, Jono Bell, Simon Nodder, Clayton Devanny, Zdravka Evtimova, Katherine Locke, Bill Nelson, Sarah Butler, J R Endeacott, Rommi Smith, Jo Pearson, Peter Knaggs, Wes Brown, Damien G Walter, Joel Willans, David Ince, Andrew Parker, Alan Green, Tania Hershman, Crista Ermiya, Mandy Macfarlane, Tajinder Singh Hayer, Jane Graham, Michael Stewart, Susan Tranter, James K Walker, Bob Beagrie, George Rodosthenous, Ronald Nameth,steven Taylor, David Meltzer, Budists, Val Cale, Philip Hancock, Pedro Gonzalez, Bernard Hare, Marcia Hutchinson, Andy Campbell.